Chapter 231

Nefarious Filthbird

At headquarters, in the hunting team’s administrative zone.

*Thump!* A huge Venom Wyvern descended from the sky and created two large depressions as its feet touched the ground.

A black shadow flickered, and a robed Magus jumped off the back of the Wyvern.

“My Lord! My Lord!” An old Magus saw the Venom Wyvern, his eyes brightening as he approached them.

“Old man! We’ll need to have some words about you escaping at the last minute!”

Leylin couldn’t be bothered to deal with him and entered the hall.

“Vice Team leader! Lord Caesar is looking for you!” Two hunting team Magi came before Leylin and bowed slightly, their manners impeccable.

Though Leylin had no real power in front of Caesar, ordinary members like them were small fry. Those who had offended him the other time were still in isolation! Hence, these members were extremely respectful to Leylin, or at least on the surface.

”Great timing, I was just about to look for him!”

Leylin nodded slightly.

*Ka-cha!* The door...

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