Chapter 230


“Latent Fireball!”

Leylin raised his right arm and hundreds of small black fireballs fused in front of him, till they were about the size of a human head. The black in the middle was even more intense, giving it a profound air as if it could suck in human spirits.

Under the intense flames that were of a high temperature, even the brownish-yellow gravitational rays began to show signs of instability, constantly retracting and extending.

Facing the giant in front of him, Leylin’s expression was cold.

The latent fireball soared through the sky as if passing through space, and it appeared in front of the metallic giant in an instant.

The black fire’s high-temperature force field caused the metallic giant to sway slightly, liquid metal constantly melting and dripping onto the ground.

In the face of such a terrifying attack, Marb steeled himself and grabbed on to his right arm!


The ear-piercing sound of bones breaking sounded, and Marb himself actually tore off his own arm.

The half-complete...

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