Chapter 229


After seeing Leylin, Marb’s gaze, which was as sharp as knives, was fixed on Leylin.

“So… You’ve finally appeared, Leylin!”

Marb spoke softly, but the coldness and determination were apparent in his voice, causing the female Magus nearby to break out in cold sweat,

In their previous battle, Marb had witnessed Leylin’s power and the rate at which he grew stronger. Fear and regret crawled around and constantly gnawed at his insides like ants.

He regretted it! He regretted not deploying more manpower to the Great Canyon Margaret and thoroughly eliminating Leylin there!

Now, Leylin had already grown stronger and was quickly becoming the Lilytell Family’s worst nightmare.

In the beginning, he had only just advanced to a rank 1 Magus, but now, he was capable of fighting on equal grounds with Marb. In the entire Magus history of the south coast, this was a rate of improvement that only the cream of the crop had.

Presently, Marb could still suppress his opponent, but even he himself had no confidence in being able to do...

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