Chapter 228


Leylin could hear the hint of fear in the old man’s voice.

Bat and Crow were both Leylin’s subordinates, and now that both had been killed, it would be hard to deliver this news to Four Seasons Garden.

“Lord Caesar has already spoken and given you a time limit of ten days. Within that time, you’ll have to solve this problem, or else…”

“Or else?” Leylin sounded very calm.

The old man, on the other hand, was so terrified that even his voice trembled. “He will seize you on the grounds that you neglected your duties!”

“Oh!” He expected anger from Leylin, but all he saw was Leylin nodding slightly, “Tell him I understand!”

Next, Leylin closed the imprint’s connection.

“Marb, is it?” Behind his eyes, he seemed to see that crazy metallized old geezer again.

That Marb must have received news about him being in charge of Hunting Zone 3 and had thus taken action.

Leylin flippantly made a decision.

Though Thousand Meddling Hands, the organisation of which Giant was a member, wanted...

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