Chapter 227


“Number 2! Number 3!”

Leylin shouted.

“Master!” Two Branded Swordsmen wearing heavy armour immediately came and knelt down in front of Leylin.

“I’m activating all concealment and defence spell formations. You are to stand guard outside and not let any living being come inside.”

Leylin instructed. The two spirit-branded slaves nodded, keeping a strict vigil outside.

These two Branded Swordsmen were controlled by Leylin through spirit branding. Even if asked to die, they would do so with no qualms and were the best people to guard Leylin.

[Counting down: 8, 7, 6…] The A.I. Chip’s voice became softer.

All that Leylin needed to do now was to snap his fingers, and a ring of a spell formation suddenly emerged from his surroundings, protecting the area.

After doing all this, Leylin closed his eyes and submerged himself in the green liquid.


Time flowed by.

Ten days later, in this little cave, in the middle of the spell formation, dense Dark elemental energy particles were mixed with flaming-red Fire elemental energy...

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