Chapter 226


”I wish you luck!”

Hyder looked at Manla as he prayed for him. He then picked up a gleaming silver scalpel and lightly cut the arm which had the curse.


The black curse runes came to life and continuously twisted, forming a tiny black snake that hissed with its forked tongue.

Black gas immediately surrounded Manla’s body, which was covered in bulging veins.

The huge bloke broke out in cold sweat and gritted his teeth unconsciously, the agony on his face apparent.

”The first light in this world! Listen to my summons and lend me your strength to dispel this darkness…”

Hyder's lips moved quickly as he rapidly chanted an incantation.

*Weng Weng!*

In the surroundings of the operating table, countless rays of light suddenly appeared and flew above Manla as they converged into a rune.

Unadulterated, without a trace of any impurities! It was as if the light that first set upon this world had appeared inside the rune.

This milky white light shone on Manla’s body.

*Chi Chi!* Manla’s body...

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