Chapter 225


“Times thirty…”

Marb bellowed in frustration.

The brownish yellow spell formation flashed, and then exploded!

The layers of silver metal on his body fell to the ground, turning into round, silvery white pieces.

“Damn it… My body can’t take it anymore…”

Marb half knelt on the ground, a stubborn look on his face as he looked in the direction that Leylin had escaped.

The gravitational spell formation had taken a lot out of him. With his strength as a’ peak rank 1 Magus, he could increase the gravitational force up to 20 times the normal amount.


A long distance away from the battlefield, inside a secret cave.

A spell formation emitting light constantly drew in and expelled air, as if trying to suck something in. On top of the spell formation, there was a constantly flashing reversed “L” shaped rune.

Beside the spell formation, two knights in black heavy armour nervously stood guard.


The light from the suction spell formation suddenly became brighter.

In the blink of an eye, a black figure charged inside...

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