Chapter 224

Metal And Gravity


The world seemed to stop at this second.

A few seconds later, the surroundings returned to normal.

The situation just now was as if a movie was being been screened, but had suddenly malfunctioned.

Next, a strong energy storm spread out in all directions.

In the centre of the energy storm, black flames and silvery white rays of light constantly battled, engulfing each other.


At the boundaries of the battle, where Marb had set up the metallic prison, the cage constantly creaked in protest of their intense fight.

Minutes later, the frightening energy storm dissipated.

Marb did not have a single injury on him, and even his hair was untouched. He stared straight in Leylin’s direction, grabbing at him with a single hand, “Lad! Come here!”

Leylin’s body moved sluggishly, and this was enough time for several silver chains to lock him into place, and make his body involuntarily fly towards Marb.


Marb charged forward furiously, the spikes...

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