Chapter 223

Liquid Metal

A ray of silver white light shot through the heavens like an arrow.


The ray shot towards Leylin’s side, knocking aside countless stones.

After the light rays dissipated, an old man in silver white attire was revealed.

This old geezer had a nose that was bent the way an eagle’s beak was, and he had a few metallic ornaments dangling from his face. A pair of intelligent, tenacious eyes were fixed on Leylin.

“You’re not running anymore?”

The old man spread his right arm and a metallic sphere emerged on his palm as if it was a part of his body.

The silvery white metallic sphere circled the area, and the astoundment on the old man’s face was even more obvious. There was even a hint of confusion in his expression.

“No traps or ambushes either? Are you here to die?”

“No! I just want to settle a few things!” Leylin smiled indifferently. His main goal this time around was to collect data, and hence, he had not thought to bring his trump cards, Number 2 and Number 3.

Though Leylin...

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