Chapter 222


“Rain of Fire!”

From atop the Venom Wyvern’s back Leylin’s gentle voice was heard.

Shortly after, yet another huge black fireball emerged out of nowhere on top of the stronghold, and boom! The fireball exploded, dispersing into black fire droplets that looked like rain, spreading across the entire area.


An acolyte who had been surrounding Nyssa had brief contact with a fire droplet that brushed by his shoulder, and before he could even make a sound, he had been reduced to a pile of white ash.

“Ru- Run!” The acolyte from the Lilytell family’s voice wavered, his fear apparent.

*Shua Shua Shua!* The acolytes that had been surrounding Nyssa looked as if they had seen a ghost, evading the fire droplets in the air, terrified.

*Tss tss!* A black spark fell on the silver threads that bound Nyssa.

In that instant, this magic artifact was warped out of shape by the black flames and eventually melted into a silver white liquid...

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