Chapter 220



Hyder looked at the old woman, a little confused.

“What I’m trying to say is… Rather than guinea pigs, the results would be better if you could do tests on a Magus who has also been cursed. Am I wrong?” The old woman looked cold and indifferent as if she was a block of ice.

“Theoretically speaking, that’s true, and it would be even better if it’s an official Magus…” Hyder unconsciously muttered to himself, and suddenly came to a realisation. “You’re thinking of using Manla?”

Hyder could not hide his shock at her words. Though this lady’s family had a long history, official Magi were few and far between. There were not more than 5 of them; this act would sacrifice a fifth of their power!

“If that’s what fate dictates, then so be it!” The old woman looked to be in a trance as she gazed at Jenna, who was in a deep sleep within the ice coffin. “She is the seer and nothing can be allowed to happen to her!”

“The seer? No wonder!” Hyder repeated after her. He had also heard about the family’s strange ability...

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