Chapter 219

Total Captivity

As he watched the enemy Magus in charge of defense, Leylin raised his right hand and tapped.


Countless black figures emerged from the shadows, overlapping with each other as they continuously multiplied. With the accumulation of the shadows, a small light appeared in front of his finger that formed a small-scale vortex that seemed to be able to suck one’s spirit in.

In front of Leylin, a layer of greenish-gray iron covering instantly appeared on that Magus’ skin.

This was ‘Iron Skin’, an innate earth element solidification spell that rank 1 Magi liked to use.


Leylin’s finger seemed to be moving extremely slowly, though in actuality it was approaching very quickly. As he tapped the Magus’ Iron Skin, the sound of rippling water could be heard.

In front of Leylin’s finger, the Magus’ Iron Skin peeled off bit by bit like snakeskin. A look of incredulity appeared on the Magus’ face, and after having been quickly tapped on the forehead by Leylin, his eyes rolled back and he fai...

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