Chapter 218

Black Fire

The few Magi were hiding behind the Shield of Gaia. Together with their innate defense spell, they were safe even from the few stray fragments of rock that struck them.

“Ji Ji!” Seeing that its attack didn’t have any effect, the strange-formed black smog finally shifted its attention away from the fantasy springwater. It extended numerous tendrils around the surroundings, which was slowly creeping towards the three Magi.

“Great! I’ll lure it away! All of you are to collect the fantasy springwater while it’s distracted!”

The team leader hollered.

After that, the three Magi constantly retreated while frequently casting spells, luring the strangely-formed black smog to gradually move away from its original spot.

The other two members of the team took the chance to quickly eradicate other life forms. When they reached the edge of the fantasy springwater, they were the only beings left.

Once Blake reached the mouth of the spring, he started to chant a mysterious incantation.


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