Chapter 217

Black Smog

“Three spirits in one body! I never expected to see Magi still practicing this ancient technique, and actually succeed!”

Leylin’s expression showed his shock.

However, from the simulation from the A.I. Chip, Leylin now had a better idea of the level of his strength.

Currently, Leylin could be said to be at the peak of rank 1, where dealing with a semi-converted Magus was as easy as chopping vegetables.

However, if he were to compare himself to genius Magi—such as Caesar—who had already met the requirements to advance, he was still weaker.

Fortunately, Magi like Caesar weren’t common on the south coast.

His mortal enemy, the elder of the Lilytell family, was a little weaker than Caesar.

With Leylin’s current skills, if he were to fight him one on one without any tricks, he was not a match for Caesar.

This was to be expected though, since it had not been too long since Leylin had become an official Magus. Most Magi would still be new and inexperienced.

It was already an achievement...

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