Chapter 215

The Hunting Team’s Vice Team Leader

Leylin, stepped on the motionless, scarred Magus with his right foot, and coldly glanced at the other Magi present in the surroundings.

An ice-cold killing intent suddenly descended upon this location, shrouding it entirely.

All of the present magicians all felt their backs turning cold, as if some ancient beast had turned its cold eyes to stare at them.

“I am the hunting team’s newly elected vice team leader—Leylin Farlier! This chap disrespected me just moments before, so I punished him a bit. Does anyone have any objections?”

Leylin swept a glance over them all and coldly asked.

To strike at a Magus was within his authority, but if he set about to bully him some more, it would be considered excessive.

Moreover, there were at least a dozen Magi from the hunting team present here, and they were all seasoned warriors. If Leylin wanted to dispatch of all of them, it would be troublesome.

After hearing Leylin’s words, all the Magi there looked at each other in dismay. A Magus who seemed to have some status asked, “Since you are new here, would...

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