Chapter 214

Demonstration of Power

“Even so, it must be some amazing item. How about it? Do you want me to get it from him?”

Caesar still hadn’t given up on his intentions

This time, however, Reynold was abnormally silent.

Caesar obviously knew that the reason why they had not done anything to Leylin as of yet was because they believed whatever Leylin had gained in the ruins wasn’t anything precious. Hence, they could take their time, and did not have to do anything too unsightly. After all, they were light Magi! There had to be a certain level of trust between them and their peers!

Now, however, no matter how much Leylin tried to conceal his might, his battle achievements were a fact that could not be disregarded.

Also, the aura and energy waves that Leylin gave off was causing Reynold to become suspicious.

No matter what powerful magic artifact or technique Leylin may have obtained from the ruins, it could end up being an unpredictable factor that could change the tide of a battle.

Hence, Reynold was a little interested.

There was...

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