Chapter 213

New Appointment

Dolorin had seen Leylin’s merit point card and knew that Leylin only had five or six hundred points there.

Even if Leylin were to use them all up, it was still within his spending limit, which was why he was acting rich and very generous.

“I understand, my lord!”

All the personnel here seemed to know Dolorin. After receiving a blood-red crystal card from Dolorin, one of the employees smiled at Leylin, “My lord! As Lord Dolorin has used his authority, all items on the screen will be sold to you at a price of 10% off.”


Leylin nodded. “Give me three portions of Fantasy Flowers!”

This type of flower was an essential ingredient in brewing ancient potions. Leylin had thought they were extinct on the south coast, but to his surprise, he had actually found it here!

“Alright! Each is 50 merit points!”

The worker took Leylin’s card and swiped it on a card reader.

*Beep!* A clear sound came from the medal.

Immediately after the number on the screen behind changed from 563 to 428.

After confirming that the...

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