Chapter 212

Merit Points

As for that girl Bessita, Leylin had long since thrown her to the back of his mind.

Although she had plotted against him before, she had already been punished for what she had done.

Now that their debts had been settled, whether this girl would end up alive or dead would depend on her luck. What did that have to do with Leylin himself?

In the Four Seasons Garden’s entrance to the secret plane.

Buildings were densely crowded around the large platinum door that had been erected at the entrance to the secret plane.

There were two rows of Magi and acolytes queueing up near the entrance to the secret plane.

Before them was an exchange area set up for their merit points.

The Four Seasons Garden would take a portion of their loot as a commission, leaving the rest for the magicians to keep. However, while that may have been the case, they still preferred to exchange their items into merit points for resources that better fit them, or even magic crystals for their convenience.

All of these things could be exchanged for...

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