Chapter 211

To Return

In this situation, even though he was the leader of the defense squad, he had no other options but to flee.


A figure moved extremely quickly, with energy waves fluctuating about him.

The surrounding dark Magi had been stunned while he used a spell to launch himself away, and the leader took this opportunity to dash out of the circle, flickering every now and then.

At the very last second while he was attempting to escape, all he saw was his squad members being torn to pieces by colourful bursts of dark magic.

“Beta, Gogu… I’ll definitely avenge you!”

Gritting his teeth, a spell formation began to flicker, as if he was about to activate some spell.


Suddenly, black hands extended from the shadows and grabbed his ankle!

“Thinking of running?”

A mass of green fog rapidly drew close, and he could vaguely see a huge figure.

The large figure raised his right arm, grabbing towards the team leader’s head!

“Damn it! I don’t care anymore!” The leader’s face...

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