Chapter 210


“ dare imprison me!? I swear on my name, Jocelyn Lena, that I definitely won’t let you off!”

This Magus, who was called Jocelyn Lena, donned a black robe. Her hair was curly, and her eyeliner make-up was extremely thick. Dark circles were prominent under her eyes, making it look as if she had not slept in days.

She had numerous bizarre silver piercings on her skin, and she also had a few earrings.

The general impression that she gave was that she was a non-mainstream teenage girl who had taken a wrong step in life.

“Jocelyn, yes?”

Leylin stood by the door, snapping his fingers.

Immediately after, the metal door seemed to have developed a life of its own and automatically closed. Meanwhile, metal chains climbed and locked the cage, and then branded the symbol of a black snake onto the entrance of it.

“I don’t care who you are. As you are a dark Magus attacking us to pilfer the Four Seasons Garden’s resources, I hereby arrest you on the account of attempted...

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