Chapter 209

Optimised and Easy

The red blade collided with the green chains, causing an intense wave of force.

*Crack! Crack!*

The long red blade shattered into pieces, and a part of the chain mail armour on Ciel’s chest broke off. Several green rings had been chopped in half and fallen to the ground.

“You… You’re not any normal Magus who has just advanced!”

Ciel retreated, his expression showing his regret.

Leylin was indifferent as he charged at him.

“Wait… Wait a minute! We can discuss this! I still have many… Argh!”

Although Ciel wanted to say more, Leylin did not give him the chance to do so.

He pursued Ciel and struck again, black scales covering his clenched fist and emitting a glossy black lustre.

The first punch! Ciel’s chest was caved in, and countless green iron rings were shattered.

The second punch! Ciel’s innate defense spell was utterly destroyed. He retreated with his chest caved in and blood dripping from the corner of his lips.

“Do you have any last words?” Leylin...

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