Chapter 208

Conflict with Ciel

Leylin looked over the immeasurable number of black flowers in the distance as he calculated their progress.

As long as all these Black Mandara Flowers were harvested, the headquarters wouldn’t have any reason to prevent him and the others from leaving.

All the acolytes that Leylin had previously met were currently in the sea of flowers, carrying simple containers made from green vines. Their hands were covered with rings of dark energy particles as they plucked the Black Mandara Flowers with great care.

"This progress is too slow!"

With this kind of harvesting speed, Leylin estimated that it would take at least another month before this field of flowers would be completely harvested.

The opposing dark Magi would never give them so much time.

"I must find a way to speed up the process!"

Leylin squatted on the ground. With his hands covered by the dark light of a magic spell, he touched the petals of the Black Mandara Flowers, a light flashing in his blue eyes.

*Ding Ling ...

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