Chapter 207


“Alright, if there’s nothing else, you are dismissed!”

Leylin looked at George, who appeared to have something to say but kept stopping himself, and then at Bessita and the others who kept silent. He could feel his enthusiasm waning.

Ever since he advanced to become an official Magus, he seemed to be in a different world compared to his original social circles.

Even though his old acquaintances were right in front of him, they felt incredibly unfamiliar, as if hundreds of thousands of years had passed.


The acolytes under him bowed and quickly retreated.

Even George and Bessita left the hall cautiously after bowing.

Bessita, who was the last to leave, gave Leylin an incomprehensible look and quickly withdrew.


In the dark hours of the night, after completing one round of Kemoyin’s Pupil meditation technique, Leylin was lying in bed resting. Suddenly, he opened his eyes.

Immediately after, a soft knocking came from outside.

“Come in! The door’s not locked!” Leylin got up and spoke...

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