Chapter 206

Magus Guard

“Zone 13? You’re really lucky!”

Leylin was brought to an office-like room in a castle. After Dolorin assigned locations to the few Magi who were queued up in front of Leylin, he opened Leylin’s transfer order.

Suddenly, Dolorin let off a surprised squeal. At the same time, he looked at Leylin as if he was cherishing a dear animal.

“Although you are a Potions Master, you were assigned to that place! Kiddo, did you offend someone?”

Leylin could only smile wryly in reply.

“Alright! Alright! As long as the order is correct, I won't ask anymore. Take this, it’s a map!”

Dolorin slipped a piece of parchment paper to Leylin.

“Zone 13 is at the border between us and the dark Magi powers. Your mission is to protect the Black Mandara Flowers there, and if the dark Magi attack, you are to give a distress call through the signal tower. That’s all!”

Leylin was then sent out of Dolorin’s office like he was the plague.

Leylin could do nothing but roll his eyes at this situation.


With Leylin’s speed, even taking into account the burdens that...

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