Chapter 205


Leylin quickly looked at the faces of these Magi.

He remembered each and every Magi that he’d seen at the Four Seasons Garden’s headquarters before, but he did not recognize any of the people he saw here. There could only be one reason why these faces were unfamiliar!

They must have been the hidden forces of the Four Seasons Garden, and usually did not show their faces.

From the looks of it, the Four Seasons Garden had taken out all of their trump cards to keep control of the entrance to the secret plane.

Caesar, the three-eyed Magus who was the leader of the hunting team, wasn’t here either. If he wasn’t hidden somewhere, he must have been on some special mission.

Leylin felt his heart sink, as he was on an undercover mission as a spy for the Thousand Meddling Hands!

It seemed that it was going to be difficult to complete his mission.

Leylin recorded this scene with the A.I. Chip, and followed the signs along the road to find his accommodations.


Leylin approached the wooden house that...

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