Chapter 204

Marat Canyon

Marat Canyon was located at the end of Pome Alley.

It was a barren canyon where the area and economy were both destitute. Apart from several wretched people who lived here in extreme poverty, no other humans would bother with a place like this

However, after the discovery that there was an entrance to a secret plane in this area, everything changed.

Ever since one of the entrances to the Eternal River Plains’ secret plane was discovered here, Magi from every corner began to fight each other over the area.

Eventually, the hunting and battle teams from Four Seasons Garden, with the aid of the white Magi domain, managed to repel the dark Magi forces and claim this land as theirs.

Soon after this, unaffiliated Magi and acolytes set up a market for magic items in the surroundings.

Four Seasons Garden’s higher-ups were well aware this place wasn’t well developed and dispatched people here. They treated this Magus Market as the center of their power and created a little town, welcoming all non-dark Magi.

The first impression Leylin...

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