Chapter 203



A green hurricane rapidly advanced towards Jenna and formed a green shield that protected her.

Leylin’s flaming right hand collided with the shield, producing a tremendous noise.

“Uncle- Uncle Manla!” She produced a wide smile.

Along with the loud noise of the wind, a burly, blonde man appeared in front of Leylin.

“Manla?” Leylin recognised this Magus, who had he had previously met once before.

“After receiving your transmission, I rushed over. Thank goodness I made it in time!” Manla stood in front of Jenna, glaring menacingly at Leylin.

“You actually dared to harm my niece to this extent! My family will definitely not…”


Before Manla could even finish his sentence, Leylin wasted no time and sent out numerous black fireballs towards him.

From Leylin’s perspective, since they were already enemies, it was natural for him to eradicate them all. Who would bother with listening to what they had to say?

“Be careful, Uncle Manla! He’s very strong and his elemental essence...

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