Chapter 202


“No! That’s impossible!”

Jenna, who had collapsed at the side, was holding on to half her face. Seeing Leylin escape, she shouted in disbelief.

“How did you get out? In the future I saw, there wasn’t anything like this!”

Jenna yelled, her facial muscles twitching slightly.

“I know. It has to be! You must be the traitor going against fate!” Jenna’s register suddenly became extremely high.

“Who I am is not important! The important thing is that you will have to die horribly today!”

The killing intent on Leylin grew stronger. Ever since he stepped on the path of a Magus, this was the first time he suffered such a big defeat!

The injuries he sustained on his body and his left arm, which was on the verge of breaking, were not easy to treat. His upcoming mission in the secret plane had now become more precarious.

At the thought, the fury in Leylin’s heart became more vigorous.

“Bitch! I want you to know the price of offending me!”

Leylin roared, and used his right arm, the only one that...

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