Chapter 201 (Teaser)


“As much as I would like to enter, I would like to first know why I am seeing offensive and restraint runes inside the spell formation. Not even one isolation energy rune is in the formation…”

Blue light flashed in Leylin’s eyes as he stopped in front of the formation and looked at the Magus within the black fog.

“To think that you would still find out after all!”

The Magus in the dark fog smiled wryly, and his voice turned much gentler. It belonged to that of a young woman.

Leylin actually recognised this voice.

“It can’t be helped since I’ve never really swindled anyone before!”

The woman forced a laugh and dispelled the black fog that concealed her.

The fog dispersed, revealing an ordinary female face. Though she wasn’t that pretty, her eyes were extremely gentle and there seemed to be ripples within them, making her unforgettable.

On her chest was a large necklace of gems and pearls strung together, each sparkling with every colour under the sun.

“Jenna?! It’s you?” Leylin immediately recognised...

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