Chapter 200

A Dark Magus!

Jamu’s face turned red and he suddenly shouted, “Third Form!”

An instant later, blood oozed from his skin.

The great amount of blood soaked into his clothes, staining it red. His whole body currently looked as if he had just been fished out of an ocean of blood.

With his blood bubbling up, a shocking amount of terrifying spiritual force was also sent out from Jamu’s body suddenly.

The large sword in Jamu’s hand immediately turned a bright red color, and its radiance momentarily grew by several metres.


The bandit leader’s black metal shield was broken into pieces by the blood-red sword.

Following which, Jamu swung the sword in his hands and aimed a fierce chop at the black-garbed bandit leader.


The black-garbed bandit leader was sent flying by the attack, and the black ring-shaped magic artifact on his body shattered into pieces in mid-air. It then turned into fine dust, which drifted off with the wind.

“Good work, Jamu!”

“You truly are worthy of being called Senior Jamu!”

Witnessing this scene,...

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