Chapter 198


The azure blue sky was covered with white clouds, and there seemed to be no end to this wonderful sight.

Beside a ramrod straight street, a winding, clear stream flowed. On the bed of the creek white pebbles and green fish could clearly be seen.

“As long as we go through this Pome Alley, we’ll reach our destination. It’s an entrance to Eternal River Plain's secret plane located in Marat Canyon. It only takes a day for us to get there, so we can afford to stroll there! Should we find a place and take a rest?”

George looked at the yellow map drawn on parchment paper and produced a compass. He checked his bearings and spoke to Leylin and the others as he looked back.

“Stop? If it’s that near, then wouldn’t it be better if we went and rested there?”

Sheira glared at George.

This situation had already occurred multiple times within this small group. Every time George had a suggestion, Sheira would vehemently shoot him down, and George would usually...

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