Chapter 197

George and Bessita

Leylin rubbed his nose upon seeing the cautious expressions of the few people around him.

In the Magus world, dark Magi and light Magi were archenemies. And in the Eternal River Plains, which was surrounded by the opposing forces on each side, not attacking after finding out Leylin was a dark Magus showed the immense trust they had in George.

“I left the domain of the dark Magi a few years ago and now live in Nightless City.”

Leylin thought and spoke a half-truth, “I'm currently studying at Four Seasons Garden.”

“See? I knew it! Leylin, you're brave and honest. How could someone like you be a cruel dark Magus?”

George laughed out gleefully.

Shiera and the others appeared very embarrassed.

The number of Magi that had been killed by Leylin was not public knowledge, but those Magi would have been furious after hearing George’s words.

“Oh, by the way, Leylin, are you going to the secret plane?”

The Eternal River’s secret plane was a major event that triggered an earth-shaking response among the Magi of the south coast. The information regarding the secret plane had spread...

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