Chapter 196


“I signed the contract under the witness of the Trial’s Eye, promising not to do anything that would harm Four Seasons Garden’s interests! If I go back on that agreement, I would undergo judgement…”

This was Leylin’s largest concern.

If he had the choice, he didn’t want to harm Four Seasons Garden since they had treated him quite well from the beginning.

“That’s easily solved! Here is a solution of Filthy Birds’ wings. As long as you have it, you can nullify your contract with the Four Seasons Garden!”

Giant threw a bottle of grey solution towards Leylin.

“You even have items that are already extinct!” Leylin caught the bottle and let the A.I. Chip test the authenticity of the item. The results made him gasp.

With such a degree of preparation, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that this had been premeditated long ago.

“Hehe… This isn’t mine but belongs to the ‘Boss’ behind me. He especially left this for you from his own collection!”

Giant did not claim the credit for himself and used a straightforward tone,...

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