Chapter 195


“What mission?” Leylin asked expressionlessly. However, if there were people around him who knew him well, they would be able to tell how annoyed he was.

“The main purpose of you going to the Eternal River Plains’ secret plane is to pass on information from the internal unit of Four Seasons Garden. At crucial moments, you are to coordinate with us and destroy the defense formations within!”

The boy sounded incredibly arrogant, making Leylin more annoyed.

“That means I’d be an undercover, right? How about that agreement I signed? If I betray Four Seasons Garden I’ll definitely be punished by the Trial’s Eye, no?”

“That… The boss will take care of it for you!” The boy was obviously insincere.

“In other words, you’re not giving me any benefits and want me to give up my life for you! Do you guys think I’m so easy to bully?”

Leylin suddenly laughed sarcastically, a red colour flashing in his eyes.


Immediately after he spoke, Leylin brazenly att...

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