Chapter 194


While freely strolling through the streets, Leylin heard an odd sound travel into his ears.

“We’re in such a dangerous situation, and yet you’re still so relaxed… It looks like I need to make a suggestion to Decarte for him to give you a more challenging job.”

The tone of this voice was icy, giving Leylin the impression he had attracted the attention of a ravenous wolf.

Leylin gave a helpless laugh and scratched his nose, after which he turned back and gave a bow. “Lord Caesar!”

In front of him was a Magus clothed in a black robe. There were several blood-red threads that decorated the robe, and bloodlust constantly emanated from him.

What was most unforgettable was the eye on his forehead!

This three-eyed Magus was naturally Caesar of the hunting team. He was an elitist, and firmly believed in one’s origin, so after Leylin entered Four Seasons Garden, he just didn’t like Leylin and constantly caused him trouble.

“Wasn’t his entire hunting team deployed into the Eternal River Plains’ secret plane? Did something happen that required him to rush...

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