Chapter 193

Turin Language

Similar to Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, there were restricted areas in the Four Seasons Garden’s library.

The place Leylin wanted to go to was the Four Seasons Garden’s secret storage room.

In this private room, large amounts of knowledge regarding various subjects were open to official Magi. The fees were extremely expensive, and even the current Leylin was in pain over the costly price.

Although he could copy the information with the A.I. Chip, that still took time.

Leylin had calculated that even if he used up all his contribution points, it would barely give him enough time to record half of the information available in the room.

He had originally planned to amass enough contribution points first and then record all the information at one go.

But now...

Leylin went straight to the second floor of the library and waved his transparent crystal card at an old bookshelf.

*Kreeeen!* The bookshelf moved backwards, revealing a small passage.

Behind the passage was a small library with strangely shaped books placed on the rows of black wooden bookshelves...

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