Chapter 192

The Library’s Hidden Room

In this pre-war period the entire Magus World on the south coast was in a chaotic situation.

Though Leylin had always stayed within the Four Seasons Garden’s headquarters, he had not completely broken off all contact with the outside world.

Every day, he could obtain information about the south coast from his butler Damien, who was still in Nightless City, as well as from other channels.

The appearance of the Eternal River Plains' secret plane had galvanized the south coast!

All Magi, whether it be the organisations, wandering Magi, or even fugitives, were all rushing towards the Eternal River Plains.

The Eternal River Plains' secret plane was said to be the largest plane found on the south coast to date.

It had an area of as much as ten million mu and even exceeded the total area of all resource-based secret planes that had previously been found.

Many Magi wanted to reap some benefits from this magnificent discovery.

For this kind of secret plane, just a small part of it was enough to cover several decades...

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