Chapter 191

Issuing Missions

Below the stage, numerous Magi bowed.

On the podium, red flames blazed.

A Magus in white robes and a green headband leaped up from the flames energetically, looking like a flame sprite.

“My lord!” Leylin and the other Magi bowed together.

“Hmph!” Decarte nodded in an aloof manner and swept his long cloak before taking a seat at his assigned place.

“Everyone!” Decarte’s voice was very gentle, though he had a weird accent. Having stored a large amount of data, Leylin knew that this was an accent that Magi nobility used in the ancient times. Other than showing off one’s status, there was nothing special about it. Only the most traditional families practised this way of speech now.

“I believe those in charge of you have already spoken to you. If not, you can ask them about it. I have only one thing to say here!”

“Four Seasons Garden will take over one of the entrances to the Eternal River secret plane on behalf of the light Magi. The battle and hunting teams have already been brought into the plane...

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