Chapter 190

Eternal River Secret Plane

“Leylin, did you know how the two Great Magus Wars began?”

Martin suddenly asked.

“It seemed to be because of the differences in values between light and dark Magi, as well as some anticipated benefits.” Leylin combined the factors he had read about in books and added his personal take on it.

“Benefits! Everything was for the sake of benefits!”

Martin waved his hand, his expression increasingly agitated.

“Saying that there was a difference in opinion is just a superficial reason, but when it comes down to it, it was all for benefits! When I find out who said this, I’ll copy it down and engrave it in my room!”

Martin quickly proceeded, “In reality, no matter if they were light or dark Magi, they were on the path of pursuing the truth! As long as they were not obstructed, no matter which areas the light Magi occupied, or what massacres the dark Magi were responsible for, the Magi couldn’t care less.”

"The real reason for the two Great Magus Wars was to obtain resources! The meagre resources in the south coast were...

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