Chapter 189

The Great Magus War

In the dimly lit basement.

A faint red ball of light floated in midair, constantly emitting blood red rays of light, which caused the lighting of the basement to be slightly gloomy, and gave off a horrifying atmosphere.

The previous Grand Knight, Number 1, was lying flat on the enormous white metal experimental table.

His eyes were tightly closed, and his eyelids were constantly moving, as though he was being tortured in his dreams.

Moreover, the black brands on his body seemed to be alive, constantly lengthening and shortening as it wiggled. Moreover, it slowly protruded from his skin, giving off dark red rays of light as he breathed.

“The ancient Branded Swordsman used the magic runes and arrays crafted onto their bodies to enable them to store the world’s natural energy particles into their body. Those particles could also be completely released during critical moments, turning into a terrifying spell! Moreover, the Branded Swordsman’s physical abilities were far beyond the limits of ordinary people, reaching an unfathomable stage because a large...

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