Chapter 188 (Teaser)

Branding Experiment

Damien expressed a slightly apprehensive expression.

“Many Magi simply left. Huge numbers of people are in the streets buying items to increase their powers. It’s as though they are trying to use up all of the magic crystals at their disposal…”

“That strange phenomenon only gradually abated after the public center dispatched people to patrol the streets…..”

“Moreover, your good friend Magus Crew also moved out this afternoon. Before he left, he left a message for you!”

“What message?”

“The night is approaching. Be careful in everything you do!” Damien said something that sounded like a proverb.

“What does that mean?” Leylin frowned. “When did that Crew start to like being a prophetic Magus? The things he says are never clear!”

Leylin pondered for a moment, and finally told Damien, “From the information I’ve gathered, there will probably be a relatively large war that is imminent……”

Even though he already had some guesses, when Damien heard this information, his body trembled uncontrollably. He was originally...

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