Chapter 187

Emergency Situation

The speed at which Leylin escaped was extremely quick, and after just half a day, the tall, thick walls of the Nightless City were within sight.

At this point, his right hand had already completely healed. The frightening vitality of a Warlock was proving its worth.

Only after entering the Nightless City did Leylin breathe a huge sigh of relief.

The Gargamel was the result of the concentration of evil intentions by the Ancient Spirit Slayer Sect. Although it was unknown why that Gargamel had been sealed there by the Magi of the sect, based on the calculations from the battle with it, Leylin could say that this monster’s strength was equivalent to that of a rank 2 Magus!

Although Leylin couldn’t hold his own against it, there were a couple rank 2 Magi in the south coast that could. At the very least, the leaders of large scale Magus organisations and powers definitely had at least this level of power.

At that moment, within the Nightless City, the trading centre of the south coast, there were quite a few Magi with this kind of strength.


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