Chapter 186

Suction Spell Formation

“A.I. Chip, activate the suction spell formation with maximum force!”

Leylin violently roared inwardly.

Meanwhile, his muscles swelled and a fine layer of black scales appeared on his body.

His eyes changed to an amber colour and appeared to have a beast-like vertical pupil in them.

Scales of Kemoyin and the Eye of Petrification!

During this life-or-death situation, the current Leylin used both of his innate spells!

Leylin’s vertical pupils focused on the chains and shackles that were binding him instead of the Gargamel.

This Gargamel, at the very least, had the power of a rank 2 Magus and its spiritual force exceeded Leylin’s by several times. Using the Eye of Petrification on it would not be enough to close this difference in strength.

And even if Leylin got closer and used the Eye of Petrification on him, it would still only cause him an unfortunate consequence; the Gargamel would devour his spirit!

*Pa! Pa! Pa!*

The chains and shackles that bound him turned gray under the gaze of the Eye of Petrification.

They disintegrated all over the ground as Leylin flexed his arms.

At the same time, a reverse...

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