Chapter 185

The Gargamel

“Respected Lord Gargamel... Cough cough… please accept our offerings”

Jaye, who was at the side, suffered quite a deal from the energy waves. However, she was still better off than the old witch and was somewhat able to stand.

Observing these circumstances, she was partly kneeling in a bizarre position, while tossing a severed Magus’ head in front of the black shadow.

“Brass Ring!”

Leylin’s pupils contracted as he recognized whose head it was. It seemed that Brass Ring didn’t die because of the secret plane’s mechanisms after all, but was instead ambushed by the old witch and Jaye.

Right now, Leylin stood to the side with cold sweat forming on his body, not daring to move an inch.

Although the black shadow atop the altar didn’t look his way, he could clearly feel an extremely vicious and unyielding spiritual force completely locking him down.

Leylin had a premonition that if he took a single step forward, he would be struck by the full power of the Gargamel!

*Crunch! Crunch!*

Immediately after receiving the head of Brass Ring, whose expression still held traces of disbelief,...

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