Chapter 184

The Awakening

Upon hearing her words, Leylin looked up in surprise.

Unconsciously, they had already reached the peak of the mountain of white bones.

Here, it was completely deserted except for the white altar at the peak of the mountain.

If one looked closely, it could be seen that the altar was made entirely out of human bones. These bones emitted energy fluctuations that far exceeded that of a rank 1 Magus and below, and just the aura made the air stifling, even for Leylin.

On some bones that were wider, there were strange runes handwritten in blood.

These runes were extremely complicated. Some were similar to 3D images, and Leylin had never seen any of them before.

What struck him the most was how, even though the runes had existed for over five thousand years, the blood was bright red and still looked fresh, as if ready to drip to the ground.

They were arranged in a strange manner and seemed to form a map.

Leylin took a closer look and realised that he recognised several of the areas in the secret plane. Filled with ecstasy, he...

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