Chapter 183

A Mountain of White Bones

When the old witch heard Leylin’s words, she started at the black haired handsome youth before saying with a dry and hoarse voice.

“I’ve known you for almost two years and didn’t know that you were such a cowardly Magus.”

Leylin had given her the impression that he was extremely crazy and daring. He would do anything to reach his goals and did everything without restraints.

“A Magus’s life is extremely long so two years isn’t a long time. Moreover, to give up after knowing it’s dangerous isn’t a cowardly action…..”

Leylin smiled.

“That is to say that you are unwilling to continue on no matter what?” The old witch asked.

“….” Silence was his response.

*Pang!* The old witch didn’t say anything, but Jaye, who was behind her immediately made her move.

A green-coloured hurricane instantly swept past the area Leylin was.

*Pa!* Constant clear sounds were heard.

Following that, a black flame exited the hurricane, which burned half of the small hall and was heading towards Jaye.

“Hmph!” Jaye coldly snorted. Her cloak...

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