Chapter 182

Experiment Lab #1

“A.I. Chip! Record the data, and create a folder on the experiment’s results!”

While Leylin released the termite, he pressed on his temple with one of his hands, making a bright blue light shoot out from his eyes, and shine directly into the hole.

Under Leylin’s observation, the termite directly climbed on top of a tree root after being freed.

The termite was like a speck of dust compared to the enormous Misleading Mist Tree Root, so it didn’t arouse the attention of the massive tree.

[Living Organism No. 1 showing violent growth, and starting to propagate!]

In the graphic shown by the A.I. Chip, the termite, which was represented by a red dot, stayed on the yellow brown roots for a while, before its life force begin to increase tremendously, turning into a bright crimson red dot. Furthermore, many small dots began to appear in the graphic, scattering throughout the roots.

It seemed to have a domino effect. When the red light intensified, it grew from covering a root to instantly covering...

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