Chapter 181

Living Organism No. 1

Leylin was watching the process of the Loathsome Evil coming together.

The spirit within the array was finally incinerated as the purple flame gradually extinguished.

Swish! The entire light ray from the spell formation completely shattered.

Leylin walked into the formation.

The smell of something burning wafted in the air, along with a repulsive stench that could make one feel nauseous.

“This odour is just like when something from the sewers is burnt!” Leylin frowned and walked to the center.

The human corpses had long since been burnt to ashes.

On the ground, in the middle of the charred and indented formation, a glistening object caught Leylin’s eye.

Lying in the pit were fragments of green crystals, sparkling and splendid like little diamonds.

Leylin covered his hand with a layer of scales and grabbed ahold of the little diamonds.

“Quite light, but very solid!” Leylin kept applying pressure using his palm to the point that his joints popped, but even with his strength of 7.1, he was still unable to do anything to the little diamonds.

“...” All of a sudden,...

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