Chapter 180

Sneak Attack

Although the A.I. Chip’s ability had been upgraded and strengthened by many-fold, but within this strange Magus world, it was still not as good as he desired.

Due to the earlier mistake, Leylin was not in the mood to go and investigate.

And by now, the Loathsome Evil had already approached him to attack!

On the present vengeful spirit Loathsome Evil’s body, the majority of its hands had been cut off and it still had many burnt black patches and within its belly, a large hole had been cut open. This exposed its intestines and other unknown organs.

But these did not affect the vengeful spirit Loathsome Evil’s mobility.

On the contrary, to one’s eyes, the Loathsome Evil appeared to emit a scarlet radiance. Compared to before, it seemed to have become more fiendish.

The veins on its body seemed to be intertwined and protruding out, and they were like cyan snakes that were twisted about each other as this Loathsome Evil came at Leylin.

Many of its body flesh and fat had become abnormal because it had been burnt, but its speed was faster than before.


The scales on Leylin’s body trembled a bit and the dust and pebbles...

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