Chapter 179

Fierce Battle

The Loathsome Evil was a creature that Leylin had seen in ancient books. It was a type of life form that had been created by Magi.

Its exact origin was unknown, but Leylin could very clearly remember that in ancient books, the Loathsome Evil had been described as a fiend.

This type of lifeform had an exceedingly powerful body and vitality. What was even more frightening was the spirit pollution constantly emanating from its body.

Ordinary people were simply unable to withstand the pollution caused to their spirits and usually died en masse.

As a result, the appearance of a Loathsome Evil generally marked the destruction of cities and the loss of countless lives.

The most frightening record had been when an entire army of over a hundred Loathsome Evils appeared!

This terrifying army had destroyed two ancient Magi’s headquarters and caused the deaths of approximately twenty percent or more of the population of the south coast.

Ultimately, only with the aid from an unknown ancient Morning Star Magus was that terrible army completely destroyed.

“I didn’t...

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